Flip the Fear of Public speaking is a book that was developed by Kissack & Kissack Inc. Both Julianne and John Kissack have come together to create and market a product that teaches you how to channel the fear of public speaking into energy and enthusiasm. Based on five proven principals, Flip the Fear will give you the confidence to excel in any situation, when you need it most.

About the Author

Harnessing the power of fear, Julianne Kissack overcame an intense terror of public speaking to fuel and achieve dreams she once could only imagine. Starting her career as a Registered Nurse in Calgary, Canada, she travelled to the United Kingdom in 2008 to pursue an MBA at Oxford University. Both during her time nursing and as a Healthcare Consultant, working for companies such as the British Medical Association, the UK National Health Service, BMI Healthcare, Fraser Health, and Allscripts, she has used public speaking as a tool to empower patients and also to achieve success in the corporate world. Through her five principles of “Flipping the Fear” and a large dose of energy and enthusiasm, the author captivates, motivates, and inspires audiences to see fear as an opportunity for growth and to live their best life.