"Every local business owner on this planet can better serve their clients, make more money and free their time by integrating simple online and offline marketing. They just have to be taught the simple steps to take...and then take them," according to Henry Baker.

Henry Baker is a wiz at showing people how to simplify their businesses and lives. Using simple online and offline marketing systems he shows businesses how to automatically attract ideal clients 24 x 7 even while they sleep. He has shown thousands of people how to integrate little known online and offline marketing to make sales, get leads, rocket businesses to all-time highs - all while freeing time for family and friends.

His techniques require no special skills, no "insider contacts," and little or no money. Henry has been featured in numerous publications and on talk radio.

Following redundancy Henry used his techniques to build a six figure business from scratch with no employees, no start-up capital and almost entirely on auto-pilot. Even better, the strategies he used are easily transferrable to any local business.

"Anyone can duplicate what I've done. Not only will I prove that statement, I'll teach people exactly what to do and how to do it, so they can prove it to themselves."

In his best selling book "How to Grow Your Business While You Sleep", Henry teaches readers, step by step, how they can create simple systems that attract ideal clients on auto-pilot and provide business owners with much needed free time.

* He reveals the two numbers that allow businesses to grow as fast as they wish.

* He reveals how to use underground internet marketing to create huge competitive advantage.

* He explains how one simple addition to websites can turn them from liabilities into valuable assets.

* And, he reveals how any local business can have all their overheads and wages paid for on the first day of the month before they've even seen one client.

But, more importantly, he shows the audience how to duplicate what he's done by teaching them the special method he's developed for building a business that grows 24 x 7 almost entirely on autopilot and facilitates the lifestyle local business owners deserve.

While Henry loves working with independent small and local businesses he doesn't care if a person has a little ice cream shop in a tiny town, an accountancy practice, dental surgery, or if he has a huge, multinational corporation. "I can teach them how to integrate online and offline marketing systems that will get them more business, more clients and more cash in their bank accounts with a lot less stress."

Henry's motto is "Shoot for the Moon... you just might land amongst the stars..."

Henry is occasionally available for book signings, interview, articles, comment and the right speaking engagements and can be contacted via FAX on (44) 0208 181 7632 or via email at press@growyourbusinesswhileyousleep.com.

**Very occasionally, Henry's team are able to offer telephone strategy sessions to people who want to find out how to take their business to the next level. This opportunity is by application only and ONLY serious candidates need apply. Applicants should fill in the required information at www.growyourbusinesswhileyousleep.com/freesession now.