April 2016:  iRise was founded by psychotherapist, Kristie Knights. Although she had supported clients in her private practice who had suicidal thoughts, or attempts, and those who had lost a loved one to suicide, it had become an epidemic.

As she read a post on Facebook by a woman who had suffered a head injury, contemplated suicide, and made the choice to live; she knew in that moment the power of healing through sharing a story.

That evening she posted an opportunity for others who struggle with suicidal thoughts or a past attempt and are now living a life of joy to be featured in a book. Each person's story would give a voice to their pain, inspiring others to live. Within 48 hours, 41 people came forward to share their story. People from all over the world desired to work towards the common mission of eradicating suicide. They desired to give back and inspire others to live.