Company Overview
ISIS provides the world’s most current, comprehensive and reliable source of knowledge on intensively managed species and their environments for zoos, aquariums and related organizations to serve institutional, regional and global animal management (ex-situ, as well as in-situ) and conservation goals.

Today, ISIS provides world-standard zoological data collection and sharing software to more than 800 member zoos, aquariums and related organizations in almost 80 countries. The ISIS global database for the zoological community contains information on 2.6 million animals -- 10,000 species -- and is constantly growing.

-Obtaining the broadest possible participation in data collection and sharing for zoos, aquariums and related organizations worldwide.
-Developing and supporting comprehensive software systems and tools that support our vision.
-Providing services that are essential for members and prospective members to manage the animals in their care.
-Serving as an independent, impartial body which promotes the development of standards and practices that enhance the integrity and usefulness of data on animals and their environments.
-Promoting the general scientific use of the knowledge beyond animal management.
-Planning and managing the resources (i.e., human, financial and technological) needed to meet all of these goals.