The publishing world is ever-changing.

The Internet is taking power from big corporations and publishing houses, and putting it into the hands of the individual. And, as a Christian trying to market your book through traditional commercial avenues, you may be expected to dilute your faith and opinions to make your work more "palatable" to a broader audience. If you don’t, chances are that your name and words will go unheard.

At Liberty University Press, we seek Christ-honoring and high-quality content from all areas of literature that meet the following criteria:

  1. Unapologetically Christian
  2. Conservative
  3. Credible
  4. Family friendly
  5. Academic

Liberty University Press remains at the forefront of the industry by introducing all the new technologies and services that will help more Christian authors than ever before achieve their personal publishing goals — print, electronic or both, in large quantities or just one at a time.

Don’t get lost in a pile of unsolicited manuscripts at another publishing company. You have something great to say to the world, and we’re offering you a way to say it — Liberty University Press.