Paymotech is a Swiss Holding registered in Geneva, and is the sole owner of Pay Mobile Technologies Inc. Paytoo, the payment solutions platform is a Trademark. Paytoo Mobile is providing low cost, high quality enhanced wireless communications services that enable universal payment transactions anytime, anywhere. Paytoo Mobile is the first Worldwide GSM Mobile Wallet that merges a complete Telecom Suite of Services and a Mobile Payment Solution from a unified balance. Customers can start using their available credit to call, transfer, pay and redeem throughout the world in a secured fashion and instantly.

Paymotech SA is a public company traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Open Market under symbol(4PA) .

Paymotech is marketing the next generation of telecommunications, payment gateways and low cost easy to use money transfer solutions. Thus, Paymotech is pioneering many advanced forms of transactions including a mobile wallet , point of sale (POS) and novel internet based transactions for international and domestic money transfers and payments. Paymotech has been providing secure transactions to its customers since 2004.

We aim to reduce exposure to fraud and allow individuals without access to conventional banking to have a safe, dignified and cost effective means of managing funds. Paymotech is developing innovative methods for businesses to conduct monetary transactions within a combined electronic and digital currency global payment solution. Paymotech is the next generation payment gateway and universal payment translator. Paymotech provides a combination of products and services supported by brand, partnerships, technology and risk management that are powerful and compelling. By meeting market needs structured around a robust technological framework and strong business model, Paymotech offers a unique service that is unmatched by any existing payment provider today. Paymotech has already had a significant impact in the U.S. market. Yackie Telecom Inc. launched its “three services in one package” to the world, making it the first MVNO to provide customers with a VoIP service, a prepaid phone card and a GSM SIM card with roaming in over 200 countries. The concept of the PayToo division is to provide multiple online and mobile telephony based payment tools in one interface. It will allow online business owners to set up a single network business merchant account complete with credit card processor, virtual wallets, and payment gateways. This will provide online business owners the convenience of using one solution for all their business needs. 

The Paytoo division has advanced to become a leading competitor in stored value cards. With its latest prepaid cards attached to a virtual wallet, Paytoo provides new possibilities for individuals who do not have a bank account or credit card, or who simply want to make secure online transactions with reduced risks. Paytoo users have access to a personal web interface where they can manage funds and they have the ability to make various debit transactions, or ATM withdrawals at any ATM worldwide. The Paytoo prepaid card is designed mainly for large corporations in need of a secure solution to monitor and manage employee spending, but is ideal for the individual user as well! 

Pay Mobile Technologies Inc, and its subsidiary divisions are branching out globally, with locations in Australia, Asia, and Europe.