The mission of the 10:8 Project is to bring together one hundred million
Christians around the world in one accord to share the gospel with one person
on October 8th, 2014. This will be a historic event—the largest outreach of
evangelism ever organized—carried out by individual followers of Christ across the globe.

The 10:8 Project is not simply an event; it is an idea. It’s the idea that we, as
Christians, have the life and truth of God within us and our faith needs to be lived
out. The world is hurting and looking desperately for hope, and that message of
hope, the Gospel, can shine through our very actions, words, and lives. It is time to reach out to those in need of love, compassion, and hope—ultimately Jesus.

Join us as we commit to live our faith forward and affect others with the life of
Christ. We are publicly committing to not only share this message of the Gospel on October 8, 2014 with at least one person, but to live out our faith as an expression of love from God to all of humanity.