Tooq Inc is an firm based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where the winters are long and only interrupted briefly by road construction season for a few months. Anyways, Tooq provides consulting and web services with a focus on small business service. Specializing in CMS websites, custom software and embedded hardware systems, Tooq also offers myTooq.com, an online invoicing system for small business owners.

myTooq.com offers an easy to use online invoicing service for 0-10 employee small businesses that allows them to track their income and send professional looking .pdf invoices using the site’s email system. Using a subscription model for the service, myTooq.com removes the accounts from accounting and takes the hassle and complication out of using installed DIY accounting software. myTooq.com has over 875 activated companies in more than 50 different countries using their online invoicing services.

For more media, logos and contact information, visit our press room here: http://mytooq.wordpress.com/press-room/