Adaplex Solutions Inc. is the creator of Tournamatic.com. The company is located in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada.
Tournamatic provides an easy and reliable way to deal with tournament registrations, scheduling, publishing the results and more.
Unlike existing tournament software solutions in the market, Tournamatic does not have an upfront cost and does not need to be installed on a device.
Tournamatic also facilitates social interaction among participants and simplifies the management of the entire tournament lifecycle.
Tournament organizers don't need to acquire a service for registrations and a separate service for setting up the draws and a third one for dealing with results. It's all there just a login away.
Tournamatic takes the hassle out of organizing tournaments.
We make things easy. Things get done faster and with considerably less effort.
Online registration eliminates a plethora of mistakes. Collecting registration fees by accepting credit card payments online, takes the hassle out of tracking payments and dealing with bounced or missing cheques.
In addition, Tournamatic supports more than 20 different types of sports including soccer, hockey, basketball, volleyball, tennis and many more.
Tournamatic is provided as a service with no upfront fees. We don't receive any payment until a team or an individual enters a tournament. Only then, we take a small service fee per entry.