Unplugged was born on a bus; an interesting beginning to any life, no doubt. One slightly-older-than-the-crowd-looking fellow sat down next to another slightly-older-than-the-crowd-looking-fellow: "So you know what you are going to talk about this week?" said the thinner of the two. "Getting there" replied his shaggy seatmate: Unplugged was born.

It was that youth camp to Michigan, which pitted Ryan Corn's stripped down approach to dynamic praise and worship music with the passionate, yet comedic speaking style employed by Matt Gordon which produced life change, not only in the students but in the two providing the nightly services for the week. It was here that both Ryan and Matt decided to be used by God in whatever manner He saw fit. Both quit jobs and saw opportunities manifest to play and speak to youth groups, at college gatherings, at church services, at schools, on mission trips, at community events, and at church and para-church activities. They decided they wanted to do the very thing they were doing, but more of it.

The name 'Unplugged' was chosen because the first appearance they made after that camp in Michigan was a church function on a muggy afternoon in the park. It was called 'unplugged' and 120 people showed up as Ryan sweated through a worship set and Matt, without a microphone, barked a message as the sun set. And it is that very image the two wish to incorporate as they go forth singing and proclaiming messages of hope. It is an image different than the usual production of a full band and fog machines and laser lights. It is a far cry from the gimmicky or fear-laden message bent on tickling ears or scaring teens to fill out commitment cards. It is that of a sunset after a scorching day: a peaceful surrender resting solely in the truth of Christ, unplugged from convention and invention, a truer form of connection with the audience.

Simply put, God exists, Jesus is our way to Him, and we must unplug from the pattern of this world and constantly be energized, defined, and renewed by that simple truth. Helping your group dwell on that is Unplugged's sole purpose.

To see if unplugged is available for your function, fill out the booking form or contact us at contact@unpluggedlife.org. Ryan and Matt have experience in both Christian and secular forums: all booking request are subject to approval of Unplugged Management Team.