29/04/2015, Chandigarh

The groundbreaking platform is under construction for now. App Meadows, just like its name, will be full of wide array of options and opportunities for everyone. In the field of Mobile Apps development, there are many things to be done or requested, and the internet is full of these websites, but they are all separated and not connected.

The field of Mobile apps is now growing like no other, and it’s becoming a very successful business. It helps the app creators to develop their skills and also for the app buyers who use the apps they download in various daily tasks, either for business or leisure. Hence, it is a promising field for those who are willing to be specialized in it. But the online world can be confusing sometimes, going in circles to find what you want. So at App Meadows we will bring all what you will need in one place. Developers looking for hiring opportunities with well reputable companies that offer challenging tasks that will excel their talents, Business owners looking for talented mobile app developers to implement their vision without going through the hassle of checking different online portfolios from different websites, and for freelancers to put their source codes on an open marketplace, you will find them all in Appmeadows.com

App meadows will have 3 sections;
1)     MeadowDevelopers
2)     MeadowCompanies
3)     MeadowMarket.

At MeadowDevelopers, Developers can upload their portfolio and have an online profile on AppMeadows for potential clients to check and contact them for hiring. At MeadowCompanies, companies who have upcoming projects and need developers can post their project, requirement and expectations, for potential developers to apply for it and work on these projects. As for MeadowMarket, it’s a Source Code Marketplace, for freelance developers to upload their apps source codes for sale, and also for companies or other developers to buy these source codes.

All this will be available in 3 Months, all you have to do now is sign up and come into the meadow. Please Visit www.appmeadows.now and sign up for free account.


Contact info:
Email. info@appmeadows.com