Inspirational Fiction about overcoming family dysfunction, especially that broght on by alcoholism.  How many people are affected by this terrible affliction? The AA website claims over 2 million members! You may know someone who suffers from the disease or who has a family member who does.

And this is just alcoholism. What about other addictions and dysfunctional behaviors that cause mental anguish if maybe even physical harm?

If you suffer from deep hurts caused by someone close to you, you know the struggle to find peace and healing. Baked Oysters is a story that has the Davis family, twenty-two in-laws and kids, coming together for the Thanksgiving holiday. Amidst the pandemonium, each adult child experiences a strange and surprising encounter that will - well that's in the book. Ultimately, they'll learn the truth that they are loved. And in that love, they are to love in return and to forgive. And in forgiving they'll find peace.