ezebee.com is a new marketplace and community for creative small businesses, artists, designers, and professionals of all kinds. A place where anybody can open their own online shop for free, market and sell their products and services and interact with a growing international network of similar-minded individuals.  Vendors can trade, promote items, blog about their business, post photo albums, all within a modern design platform with live wall feed and a wide selection of social media widgets. By being on ezebee.com, the everyday entrepreneur is already a part of a colorful community of small businesses from all over the world exchanging products, services, and ideas.

ezebee.com is a thriving marketplace and community, operated in 7 languages, where people from more than 85 counties connect every day and transact their business. Not only you can meet people from every corner of the world, but also individuals from all walks of life – a Greek artisan, a U.S. graphic designer, an Indian craftsman, a German freelance DJ to name just a few. Being on ezebee.com means business, but it’s also fun. There are interesting articles on a variety of topics you can read in ezebee's e-magazine including interviews with fellow online vendors talking about their work and helpful ecommerce tips for small business owners.

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