Lodge fishing is a family run business based in Red Lodge in suffolk.We strive to offer as much of a variety as we can and as you can see from our website there certainly is a lot of variety. Included in our wide array of fishig gear is our own brand of fishing baits called 'Lodge Baits' and this brand offers soft hook pellets, bait dips, flavourings, many different types of pellets, ground bait and our own homemade boilies made with only high quality ingredients and tried and tested recipes. There is such a range of different flavours of pellets, boilies, groundbaits etc we are sure you will find something. Along with our own brand baits we also have named brand boilies and groundbaits etc which have also been tried and tested and are of the highest quality at fantastically low prices.Most of our equipment and all of our baits have been extensively tested and you can see the results from our tests on our website in the gallery which is where you will find most pictures of fish caught using our baits or equipment and we welcome absolutely any customer to send their pictures to us so that they can show off their catches.We are able to wholesale most of our equipment and baits especially our Lodge Baits and we welcome any enquiries from anyone if they are interested in buying in bulk from us. just get in contact with us via the contacts page on our website or the contact details displayed at the top of our homepage.We ask all customers to please get in contact if they have any questions/queries as we are dedicated to helping them.