"Values Of A Spiritual Mind:Essays For Living"
written by Roman New



This book is enlightening and relevant. Sixteen essays discuss sixteen topics through 84 pages. A scripture quotation begins each essay. This book is receiving a warm welcome locally and worldwide. The book will be featured at the International Book Fair in Frankfort Germany this year, and at the Regional Book Fair in New York of this year. Additionally, in the author’s hometown the bookstore is having copies in stock. Neighbors and nearby residents are receiving the book with joy. Excerpts can be read at xlibris and amazon.

– Spirituality is essential to discovering the essence of one’s being. It is manifested through various practices such as prayer, meditation, and contemplation, which are intended to cultivate a person’s inner life. But what is inside a spiritual mind, and how it works to make one’s life more meaningful? Values Of A Spiritual Mind: Essays For Living by author Roman New is an insightful book that comprises 16 essays that disclose the value of the many things that are essential to man’s existence – it uncovers the truth that will change one’s outlook about life and provides a deeper understanding about the spiritual mind.