he Last Formula Spiritual Academy is a organization that prides itself on molding the invisible. It is a place that will guide you to your own personal awakening that will not only help you to step into your own power and gifts, but will also make you a part of a revolution unlike any that has happened before. A Conscious Awareness Earthquake that will break up this current world at it’s very core. A spiritual revolution that welcomes all beliefs and backgrounds which will bring us all together to transform the separate and fragmented cultures of Earth into one vast global combined culture.  At The Last Formula Spiritual Academy every person is valued as contributing to the main purpose of awakening this world to a higher consciousness. They say that if 1 million people are able to shift their minds and ways of thinking then the world itself will shift. It all start with YOU. Be a a part of not only finding yourself in ways you only dreamed of, but also be a a part of a collective global awakening that will change the world!